Saturday, 2 March 2013

The Cas(Casual) stuff

Hey Guys,
Thank you soo much for using more of my polls dat i do at the bottom half of my blog!!There is a new poll for u guys to answer now. Ok so msp has changed? Hmm! i say dat alot on my blog dont i? I wonder how many times i have said it! Well this time they have done a summer theme,which i think looks pretty cool,like a beach! And they have put in an design studio,For moviestars to create there clothes and pay for the clothes to b published so dat other moviestars can wear them too! Dat idea i think is OSM, but i dont like the fact dat u gotta pay for it,if u want other moviestars to buy ur item.And i dont like the fact dat it wont say who made it!Anyway guys i will leave dat for u to check out,Plus remeber dat on 11th march is my bloggeh 1 year anniversary! Wow time goes quick

PLL-Out x
Mood: Cas BRO X lol
Random Question: are u a veggie?

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