Friday, 8 March 2013

Thinkin' of Leavin'

Hey Guys,
Sorry i havent been on msp for a while and posting on my blog! I think i have decided that i am going to leave MSP next month!! I kno quite shocking! I will still have my blog though becuz wat i mean by leaving is i will b deleting my main msp character the lvl 6 one and changing to my lvl 3 one,It's becuz i feel dat lately i dont have time for msp,And  most of my friends will probably b excepting me to come online but i dont have time,and i should start focusing on other stuff,Infact the only reason y i was on msp was to meet people and talk to my friends, but most of them from skl have left msp now. I will b switching to my other account, which i probably will only go on like once a month to continue my blog still to tell u guys stuff dats STILL happening in msp. If a lot of u come to me though, i say u dont want me to leave my main account,then i probably will reconsider my idea,If my idea is still the same for like 2 months then probabs will have a comp to see who will win my other account.If i do leave msp,it was nice earning my levels..Details...coming soon..So far i am still on MSP

PLL-Out x
Mood: Thinking mode
Random Question: Do you have sky plus HD

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