Monday, 29 April 2013

Bring in the new...Msp Changes

Hey Guys,
For some reason i had a good day today, considering i don't usually have much of a good day on Monday as i hate Mondays!! So i wanna talk to you guys about the change in Moviestarplanet . Alot of you may have noticed that they have changed the dressing up closet, The closet that you use to change your characters clothes and all that. I kind of see why u guys r kinda complaining that MSP r changing stuff around too much or u like the old things or u want stuff back.I see both points of view! Dont ya think that MSP r changing alot of there stuff is becuz they are still new. Msp only was made a few years ago( i think) for an example: When you go on Wikipedia (A website for really detailed and helpful information) and type in "Club Penguin" u see that the facts and info about it, is there. Whereas , when u type in "MovieStarPlanet" it's not there.Even when u type moviestarplanet perhaps on Microsoft word , its underlined as spelt wrong when it's not! Msp r changing stuff so much , so that the club still seems fresh to us, like u never know whats gonna happen nxt and so we don't get tired of seeing the same old thing. If u look at Club penguin a lot of it is old, FUN but old, they dont change anything around. It's only themes!
I see UR point of u!
It can b tiring when u just get used to something on msp, Especially if u r new then they change some things.Or u find it hard to find wat they moved or u just don't like it.They're doing this to "Take out the old and Bring in the New" abit like wat happened to Geo skirts.

MSP.. "IT'S OUR CLUB, WE DECIDE 2"..From msp users
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