Friday, 3 May 2013

F.U.N Buddy

Hey Guys,
Do u think i should delete my pet? Answer the poll below and message me on msp.
So lately i have been thinking that i havent been enjoying my stay on msp as much as i used to. I feel that so many interesting things has happened but now i am no longer doing interesting stuff! Like meeting new ppl, having parties in my house, making a club in my house, inviting ppl over to chat, opening a ball in my house and ppl have to wear dresses and smart clothing. All dat stuff was fun but now i feel like i am getting bored easily of doing nothing. Out there now on msp, i am looking for a wild FUN BUDDY!!! Someone who i can do crazy fun stuff wiv dat u will never get bored of them, but they r good person while having fun wiv me! And i can talk to them! So if ur out there and u do so many crazy fun wild things on msp and looking for a friend to share all ur fun adventures with , come b my fun buddy, and help make my msp life more interesting. I wanna hang out and do fun things. P.s - u dont have to b a certain lvl to hang out wiv me, i am a free person who is willing to hang out wiv anybody, dats the kind of person i am also looking 4.
PLL-Out x
Mood: Exploring
Random Question : How would u describe blue to a blind person? Is it a texture, pattern ???....

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