Saturday, 17 August 2013

My interview in Q+S box

Hey Guys,
I'm thinking of doing interview questions for myself so u guys can kno wat stuff i do to make my blog great and how i started blogging so i will b doing it on Q+ S box and dis will b a one off so it means i will only b doing dis once and not on a regular basis i will not be doing other interviews for u guys. I will b answering a set of questions like :

How do u come up with ur idea for ur blog post?

Do you find blogging tiring?

How often do u update ur blog? 

And such ! Of course they will b loads more questions for myself to answer on blogging . U are also free to give me some interview questions about my blogging.Dis is all so u can see what i do to make my blog FABULOUS! So turn over to My prettyloveline question + suggestion box now and see what makes my blog a success. Click on the tab above and then click on the link to enter the Q+S.

Mood: Excited
Random Question : Are u forgetful?

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