Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Prettyloveline experiments

Hey Guys,
Its been a while since i've chat to u lot. So i've been busy lately meaning :Baking , going bowling ... Basically the usge things dat i do during my holiday! Soo.. on msp i have been trying to give the new people tours! But dat did not work out soo well! I found out dat ppl got bored and yhh. So i think i'm gonna leave my Prettyloveline experiments for a bit now, perhaps have a break. So another thing dat is going on in my Msp life is they have a new game which i think is called :Bonnie Bounce ?? somethin lyk dat. And u kno me,lol always testing out Msp games for u guys. Well, i am far behind so i havent been able to test out the Bonnie Bounce game for u guys.When i do then i will write a post to tell u guys if its dat good and worth playing.Another thing in my msp life is i have a new Bf. well in other words a BF .. and i relished :

The Times When I Searched For A Bf In Msp,Were The Times When It Didnt Turn Out So Well.But The Times When I Wasnt Searching For A Bf, Were The Times When The Bf Came To Me!

So that is my advice for you moviestar girls on msp. let the guy come to u cuz al dat time when i was looking for a bf. i had a realy bad relationship.Now i have a bf cuz the guy came to me and i didnt come to them and that way things happened naturally rather dan by stuff happening by force.Last thing is u kno how the msp magazine came out ages ago.. well i am still tryna find it and i will NOT give up.So plz guys i kno dis is funny but plz tell me where i can find it by commenting below cuz i rlly wanna get one.

PLL-Out x
Mood: trying to find something exciting to do :)
Random Question : Has there ever been a time when your mother isn't telling u stuff dat u want to know~!

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