Monday, 26 August 2013

Note 2 public, reminder here

Hey Guys,
This wasn't the post i planned 2day but can all of u guys please go on my Q + S tab and then enter the Questions + Suggestion box and go on 'My blogging interview'.I have already mentioned this before but its an interview of what i did to became a blogger !! There are questions derr like : How do i come up with my posts ? How did i find out about banners and soo on?? It has all the questions there like dat answered by Mwah! But the thing is those are all my questions that i wrote for myself to answer..DUN DUN DUNN! So please comment on my Q+S box to give me some more question that i can answer about my blogging.And i will answer them on the post. Remeber 2 give me a question about my bloggin that i havent yet answered and put ur usernames next 2 it so i know who gave out da question.Plz inleast look at my blogging interview CUZ it took tym!!!
PLL-Out x
Mood: Happy
Random Question : Do you procrastinate? Cuz i said 2 myself dat i'm gonna study but i have put it of for fun things 2 do like twice!

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