Thursday, 29 August 2013

1 Week = 3 posts

Hey Guys,
This is one of my short posts again! So i hope u guys r liking my new theme that i put up yesterday..its my back 2 school theme cuz school is starting soon (Well that is for people who live in The UK i guess??)So since i will b starting school soon, i think wednesday, u do kno dat i will not b able to post as much as how i have been doing over the holiday.So i will b going back to my normal posting routine which is 3 posts a week.It might b a bit hard for me to be keeping up to date with wats going on cuz dis is gonna b my second yr of secondary school yr 8. And it obvi im gonna get loads of homework so occasionally im gonna b on my prettyloveline22 so i can keep to date of whats happeneing cuz i feel that if i go on my orginally account just to check whats happening on msp then i'm gonna start chatting 2 my friends and waste soo much time on it and start procrastinating.Whereas if i go on my prettyloveline22 account i can get stuff over and done with so i can write post for u guys on my blog 3 times a week.

PLL-Out x
Mood: Smell something fishy here
Random Question : Have u been waking up in da afternoon cuz ur on holiday?

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