Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Competiton cut short - Its over I quit!

Hey guys,
I am soo pissesd of cuz when i did my forum telling people about the competition about me leaving and if u wanna win my account... then someone reported me..WHAT IS SOO FREAKING WRONG WIV GIVING AWAY MY ACCOUNT THAT I HAVE TO B REPORTED!This is wat i hate about msp especially the hashtags i spent time writing my forum on the competition and den dey hashtag my whole paragraph except for only 3 words and den i had to write it all down again but in sentances and click send each time but now it is my first lock out of msp for doing NOTHING! And den in ma message MSP r bear sayin' dat i'm not alowed to ask somebody for their password!! I never did dat....i NEVER even mentioned the word password in ma forum...Im locked out for 1 day and 1 hour!!Omg and den just now i went on my prettyloveline22 backup account and my forum is not there.I think im gonna keep my prettyloveline22 backup account soo dat if later on i change my mind about my account i can use dat one and i can find out wat has been happening cuz msp has gone DOWN HILL and i end the comp now cuz i aint wasting my time now if msp r gonna do dis and tomorow wen i get back on my account and the forum is not der I QUIT
!Dat forum betta b derr!

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