Sunday, 10 November 2013

Half Price, Full price

Hey Guys,
I hope u lyk da changes to me blog.It's still not finished cuz i have a few details to sort out. So lately have u guys seen the IPhones. The IPhone 5c and IPhone 5s, they are soo cool aren't they? My whole family has IPhone's but me! Lol. But my younger, older brother has the newest IPhone which is 5s. Which is better? 5s or 5c. Incase some of u are confused, 5c is the one with the plastic back cover that can come in many different covers and 5s is the hard back cover and is longer and u can get it in GOLD!Most ppl won't lyk dat 5c cuz it looks cheap but i love its colors. Anyway comment below which is UR FAV?
Also, I've noticed that it's been along time since somebody has ask me to make them a banner so please ask me to make u one as i will lyk to get bak into business. I am even going to make u guys a deal.If u ask me to make u a banner on the weekend (Saturday or Sunday) then u will get half price off  but if you ask me on weekdays (Monday-Friday) then it will be full price that u will have to pay.
Remeber :
Full Price is : 1 Auto and Watch 1 movie of mine
Half Price : 1 auto
Remeber if u want me to make u a banner please message or comment on my banner tab above.Make sure u tell me the stuff u want me to include in ur banner!
PLL-Out x
Mood: Cheesy ><
RQ: Are u from Africa?

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