Friday, 6 December 2013


Hey Guys,
i know i haven't posted in ages but that's because of school, and parents evening and other stuff. Soo.. how's UR life lately? U already know how busy and "normal" my typical school like is.Does this relate to u? Is this how ur life can be?
1)Ur always late to school
2)You get into arguments or fights with someone who u dislike
3)You get detention
4) You forget to do ur homework
5)Your lesson is boring
6) Your going out somewhere and u have no pocket or no where to hold ur phone
7) your trouser/skirt/jeans ect.. keep on falling down
8) An annoying friend comes up to you and invades ur personal space
9) you fight with ur siblings
10) Your stressed out over assessments and test and exams!!!

Does any of these things happen to u in UR life? Comment below what number apply 2 u!!!
PLL-Out x
Mood: Jiggly
RQ- I bet ur watching t.v right this moment?!! Hehe, U should b doing ur H/W


  1. Hey yeah totally agree with this post!! Your blog is amazing like OMG !! I had a blog and deleted it lol making a brand new one and was looking for blogs that inspired me to post and I'm so posting Hunni it amazing!! Honestly!!