Sunday, 16 March 2014

Miley Cyrus look alike

Hey Guys,
I kno i said i was gonna put up a pic of spongebob that i drew, but recently last week i accidentally deleted all my pics from my phone and it had the spongebob pic in it so i forgot to upload it to the blogger before it deleted. My phone never had much pics anyway cuz that 4 weeks ago someone stole my SD card so i lost all my pics from my phone but luckily i uploading the nice ones on my instagram. And yhh about that!!? I still haven't gotten round to making the instagram account yet for prettyloveline but i will just Be PAIENT! I also need to change my blog banner to some kind of summer theme which i dont have time to do yet. Soo if someone out there goes on moviestarplant UK then plz make me a summer blog banner!! U will save me from rushing to make one.Today i was looking at someones blog and i noticed this picture, so i cut out the unnecessary bits but i noticed the pic looks exactly like Miley Cyrus in wrecking ball. Have a look at this below: I'm gonna look for more celeb look alikes on msp!!Lol
PLL-Out x
Mood: Weirdo/stressful
Rq: Do u like wearing black?

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