Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Blog update theme & Blog banners

Hey Guys,
So i kno i haven't been posting this april or updated my blog. All that is going to change now because i am going to create a new blog banner and a new theme for my blog today as i still have the old theme since December about snow and how cold it is. I am hoping to do a new theme which is going to b held a secret until my next post. Until then, i am going to decorate my blog for that theme so can u guess what theme it is? If u can then comment below. Speaking of blog banners , i have realized that i've not made blog banners in ages so if there anyone out there that wants me to make then a blog bannner then add me now!!! My username on msp is :  prettyloveline and if u add me then ask me to make u a blog banner then i will make u one.
Remember the payment on the banner is :
1 auto and rate AND comment on a movie of mine
weekends is half price!!! weekends u only pay 1 auto OR watch a movie of mine
PLL-Out x
Mood: busy
Rq: When u look up wat do u c?

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