Sunday, 18 May 2014

Spring time music - Being chubby/overweight

Hey Guys,

I have finished with the changes with my blog. I hope you enjoy my music theme and flower theme blog. I made it two themes because that its spring time now going into summer so the flower backgrounds and the bright colors represent spring!! Also the music banner is to represent songs. And recently the most popular song that nearly everyone seems to be loving is : Happy by Pharrel Williams. So i just thought that this blog theme should be about spring and happiness. Then, if u have noticed i have put a couple of quotes around the blog. My favorite quote is the one i put on the right top hand side of the blog. The one about being fat. Now i feel very strongly that people who are fat or (Chubby) feel that they want to loose weight or it is a punishment for them to b fat or bigger than others. But i put this quote for people that feel negatively about thier weight and feel that they r too big. Yes, the quote is about bigger and wider people but it changes that to a positive by saying " the reason why i'm fat is because a tiny person wouldn't be able to store or this personallity." It shows that being big doesnt have to b a bad thing. And sometimes the slightly bigger people have more personailty as well as other sized people. Have any of u guys watched a show on TLC called HONEY BOO BOO? There whole family are big and they know that but that hadn't stop them from making a reality show about their life.Anyway.. I'm starting to go off topic here!!.. lol ok and then i also like the quote i put below about the reason why we have 5 fingers. The quote is obviously not completly true but i just feel that it make U feel more differently about life and y we have 5 fingers lol! Anywayy....The point of my blog theme this time is to just feel happy and live life. Sometime this week, take a chance and leave msp alone for a bit, and go outside and smell the flowers of spring!!!!

PLL-Out x (Going outside to my garden to smell flowers of spring!!lol XD)

Mood: adventurous

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