Saturday, 17 May 2014

united msp family

Hey Guys,
I have now updated up my blog BUT not completely...there is still more work to be done! I have also noticed that on MSP that that have changed the login layout on msp. I think it is rlly cool and expresses that msp is for all countries and backgrounds. They have now put in more countries than what they had before which shows they want more languages and DIFFERENT kinds of ppl to come online to msp. If  u think about this, it is pretty, darn osm. It like a mini virtual family from different parents of the world go online to msp. It's just amaz!! I think they should improve it more by having one search bar for friends. So we can search up our friends from different msp's rather than joining theres and we can all be united ::)
-PLL-Out x
Mood: Jolly
Rq: Do you have a samsung laptop or tv?

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