Saturday, 9 August 2014

Loom bands send me ur pics! My Instagram Unlock 16.08.14

Hey Guys,
Long time no c?Eh? So lately i've been making alot of loom bands to give to people because by the 22nd of August i am going to an international convention and i want to make some loom bands to give to the little children. By now i think allot of u should know what loom bands are cuz they are very popular especially in the united kingdom and i think the US as well as other countries.If u dont kno wat loom bands r well they are small rubber bands that come in 300 peices or 600 peices in side a packet and are used to make different bracelet designs with them such as fishtail, chain and dragon scale, starburst and many more..
Shops that sell them are:

  • WHSmith
  • Poundland
  • Woodgreen shopping city
  • Waltham cross market mall
  • Claires
They are not yet sold in Sainsbury's or Tesco's or other supermarket shops.
As u can tell i am an loomaholic (Addicted to loom bands) that why i am in the process of making a Loom band theme blog to express my love for loom bands with u

*PLEASE SEND ME UR PICTURES OF ALL UR LOOMS BANDS OR LOOM BANDS THAT YOU HAVE MADE AND I WILL POST THEM AROUND MY BLOG IN MY NEW LOOM BAND THEME!!!* Send them to me at my NEW blog email : (Keep in mind this is a email i will b using for u guys to send my pics and stuff so plz dont b afraid to send my u pics anyway.)

-Update on Insta-
On the 16th of August, i will b giving u guys my Instagram account that i'm only make for moviestarplanet and my blog. So i will b liking posts and i hope u like mine. Also i follow me and i will follow bck.They will b a couple of pictures of me from time to time also pics of things i do in life  as well as extra footage about me and moviestarplanet, Loom band tutorial and anything u guys request for me to show u on Instagram ~(Apart from where i live)
PLL-Out x
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Rq- Are u coulor blind?

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