Saturday, 9 August 2014

Things to do i want to do in life, Sad story

Hey Guys,
This is just a short post since i'm going to make another post but this post is something my brother gave me the idea of which is making a list of things to do in LIFE. Now i've made a list of things to do but not in LIFE. This is why from now on i am going to write down all the things I want to do in LIFE meaning before i die!! I cant think of all of them right now but these are the important ones at the moment that i have comes to think of
1)Prepare for driving theory test when i'm 17
2) Pass and take my drivers test when i'm 18
3)Have the perfect bedroom
4) Get another pet
5) Get married
6) Get a new phone
7)Live in a Paradise world
8) Learn how to make the star burst loom
9)Go to Center Parcs again
10) Get another ear piercing on the side middle of my ear.
11) Make sure i always have sky+hd (Best broadband ever)
12)Get gel nails.
but please everyone out there please think about it about the things u wanna do in life and write them down and achieve it. U never kno when ur life is going to end. A dear friend of my died during a half term in february :( he was only 13 and sat next to me. He wass so youngg!
PLL-Out x
Mood: Urgeful
RQ - Do u play checkers?
                                                  -IN LOVING MEMORY OF Tahmid Mohammed r.i.p

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