Thursday, 26 July 2012

Enjoying the Holiday/ways 2 enjoy

Hey Guys,Are u enjoying ur holiday in this boiling hot weather?Cuz I  kno I am lol.Well if ur not then i kno lots of ways to.Check Out This>>>>

1)Because the weather is like SOO HOT NOW!!! then why dont u invite all ur friends over to hang about and go swimming.
2)u could have a waterballon fight with ur friends or family and who ever wins get to have an icepoll!!Yum!
3)You could join a summer sceme that u can attend for the whole week,so u can get urself invovled in activeites,I'm doing it aswell but for 2 weeks.
4)you could drop everything u have and HIT to the beach(not literally tho)
5)u could go to the park and have a picnik there and play games there.
6)u could have a relaxing day to just chill and have a nice refreshing drink or a smoothie.
7)u could ride ur bike to get fit and excercise
8) u could go to a party
9)u could have a summer or beach party

And there u have it,all my 9 things to do for the holiday,And if u dont like these idea's then i hope what ever u do for the holiday will b good.Oh and remeber to drink lots of water if its sunny,and dont drive ur parents mad!! lol,like i do!!
Have fun,
PLL-Out x


  1. i drive my parents mad....................ALOT!!!!!

  2. Good Ideas, But In Ireland, It Usually Rains, Then Its Sunny Again, Then The Minute U Go Out It Starts Raining Again xD

  3. Replies
    1. Hardly. But Its Starting To Get Better, Thanks For The Ideas ;D