Sunday, 2 December 2012

Still on....

Hey Guys,
Many People are still on about anonymous.....since i have been recieveing lots of comment on my blog about her... I would just like to say that i think anonymous is under control now. I think Msp have her under control now so they should be nothing to discuss on my blog about anonymous.I kno that on msp you can still see her faces when you search her name up on the friends list but she can no longer harm you.Msp have her under control and the only people who have authority over us is MSP. So please ppl ,get over her now and get her out of your minds.I do not kno for certain if she exist or if before it was msp playing games on us but shes is gone now.Now Guys, Stop making fake anonymous accounts to scare people and stop acting like their is a boy called : anonyboy, Since Msp have been changing so much they have manged to check that everything is safe and sound.And plz stop making forums which say a little test.Speaking about forums,im gonna try and so much recognition on forums as i feel like no one comments on my forums.

Byee x
PLL-Out x
Mood : Proud
Random Question : Who has brought a Geo skirt already? (saving up for one BTW)

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