Friday, 2 November 2012


Hey Guys,
Do u remember the competition that i made on my blog,where u have to give me an great idea for my blog to get more viewers and who ever has the BEST IDEA wins ABSOLUTELY SO MANY AUTO'S.Well,Unfortantly Nobody won and the winner gets 1 auto everyday for 2 weeks and 1 wishy and then idea gets to be up on my blog but not reveled.So i'm giving u guys Until Friday 09/11/12.If i don't see anybody going up for the competition then i guess nobody win's the awesome prizes.If u don't know what this is about and you will like to find more about it then click on this link RIGHT HERE >>>

Ok so Before i end this post,i would just like to say that it is by B-DAY soon on 19th November and I'm turning 12.Now i have told a few of u already that its my b-day soon , and i do not want any gifts,presents,autos,ect.....And the reason for this is because i do not celebrate birthdays,becuz of my religion.U might actually be wondering what religion i am.. I am a Jehovah's Witnesses.It's quite an Unpopular religion but it is a religion.I cant rely give a description of how were like becuz its quite hard to give a description of a religion but i just thought u should know that i dont celebrate these things , Birthdays(Even my own birthdays),Halloween,Easter,Vallentines,Christmas.I only celebrate New years basically.So i do not need any of u guys feeling sorry for me BTW,cuz it's my religion and me and my whole family accept the religion.You will learn about my religion later on my blog tho.

And also guys,At the end of each post, I will be doing a question of the post.So that when u finish reading the post then u can read the question and answer it in ur head or on a comment or on the Q+S Tab.

Question of the post: Why did i name the title : Compbirthdayquestionpost
PLL-Out x
Mood : Happy <3

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