Tuesday, 25 December 2012


Hey Guys,
How has your holiday been,Even though its not even been a week yet but anyway,How has it been??
Ive been to my friends house and ive relaxed and chilled and some other stuff which i will NOT tell you about lol.Well Later i will be doing a post where you can comment about what you have been doing during the holidays,Also i will be adding a timer to my blog a countdown clock so we know how many days it is until the NEW YEAR!!! So far its Xmas today and it's still not snowed so i just hope it snows.Dont kno why but just do.I'M A WINTER BABY...I need SNNnnowww...I'm not used to hot places........Blaah Blaah!! Also I'm getting braces soon Ima soo happy,No one give me any info about it cuz i watch videos on utube and i already kno what to expect(OOuch, Ouuch , Ahhhh)

PLL-Out x
Mood : Chilled(if ya wander why i am acting so relaxed it cuz i am chilli chilled out)
Random Question : Do you have a Banana in your house?
Ty for deedee 5005 viewermanss lol

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