Saturday, 8 December 2012

End of December

Hey Guys,
I finally brought a Geo skirt yayy!!! And i'm gonna get another one cuz someone said their gonna give me one so 2 GEOMETRIC SKRITS,YAAY!I will be sure to show u a picture of the 2 Geo's skirts.Remeber to get one too.Ok So here is a song: I dont celebrate chrismas yeh but im just putting this song up for you cuz it december and its getting cold.. It's by Demi Lovato : Remeber December.

Hey Guys And also alot of people are saying on the new and on the radio and in schools and on msp that the world is gonna end on december 21st,whaadyy think?Personal i think it just a threat by someone or it's not true,cuz in year 2000 they said there is gonna be like some kind of earthquake or something like that.But yet were STILL ALIVE!Stop scaring us new peeps

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