Friday, 14 December 2012

Pic Of BIG G's

Hey Guys,
So here is the pic of my Geo skirt, i kno said that i'm getting another one cuz my friend doesn't want her's,but my friend isnt coming online and i don't kno why so until she comes online then i will get the other Geo skirt,but so far this is my one,keep in mind that a friend is giving me a hers so soon i will show u the other one.

So that is my 1st geo skirt,now guys about the end of the world,what is going on here,its NOT GOING to be the end of the world,they may be a blackout i hear(No,i do not mean black people there,a blackout is when all the power in a place goes off) but the world wont 2000 they said there was gonna be an earthquake,so people jumped off a cliff,but where in 2012 now,they risk there life for nothing,news reports should get there facts right and stop assuming,its brings danger to the world.

Hey guys and also its almost time for a holiday think in 2 weeks off,keep coming on my blog,it will change and it will have lots of new things on it.

Just saying a shout out to a girl who wanted to be on my blog : Little MinxXD

PPL-Out x
Mood : confused/happy
Random Question : Has it snowed in your country yet?