Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Fashion Pal Kelly

Hey Guys,
Me and one of my bestiee's are having this fashion thing were we will be making art books about fashion and about fashion disasters and about what in and whats out.It's really fun actually here are one of the artbooks i made:

So Yeh,So we are gonna try and make loads of artiee's to try and get u guys following the new trend and the style and such.So this is just the first artbook we have made called : The F.O.M. Artiee 1, F.O.M Stands for The fashionistas of msp , So we will be both be making artbooks, my friend who making then with me is called : Kellyprincesscherry, So far its just us doing it so were trying to advertise our artbooks so plz if u do see my artbook or hers plz share them with your friends,we will be also making looks of people to give them a crazy new style that they might enjoy.So yeh thats pretty much it,and if u wanna be in the buisness then just ask 1 of us then we will discuss,were tryna get our fashion artbooks spread around Msp,And if we do a good job and u like maybe alook we made of u plz tell us,we need so much support.Btw our uniform for me and kelly is pink,So if u see us wearing all pink then u kno were in duty of our job,but Kelly always wears pink so just check if i am then u will kno.We talk about different coulors btw in the artiee's

PLL-Out x
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