Friday, 21 December 2012

No black out,End of world, Yes fun!

Hey Guys,
The world didn't end and there's not gonna be a black out, see... i told ya.. and BTW i have finished school,
Not forever tho lol, but i'm on Xmas holiday so i get 2 weeks off.And today at school i normally finish secondary skl at 3 :15 or 2:15 but this time it was 12:15 i only had 2 lessons but they weren't even lessons just fun. I'm actually still in my uniform cuz i hate changing back to my original clothes.Anyway i have notice now that on all blogs there have been advertisements and pop ups about so many things, I absolutely hate it, so u guys don't click on it,And i'm gonna tryna find away to get rid of the pop ups there annoying me, and why did i have to get these kind of pop ups, i got a pop up talking about dates omd oh my days they could of in least giving me a nice pop up.Anyway going to my new bff's house on Monday  i will put more stuff on my blog anyway bye x

PLL-Out x
Mood : Happy i hate school
Random question : What time is it in your country?

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