Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Heart of thanks

Hey Guys,
Thank you so much for those of you who volunteered to make me a banner. i had 3 people volunteer.But it seems that many of u weren't quite sure y i asked for a banner.I ask for u guys to make me lots of banners because i am quite busy, so whenever i need a banner, i can now go on my banner tab at the top which says : Blog Banners Made For Me,By Other People. Soz long name.. i kno! and then i can just pick a banner and change it to display at the top of my blog! See!! How simple is dat!!Also thnx for the blog viewers as well and the amount of comments om getting on post now.Valentines day soon.. Nearly febs already OMDAYZZ!Gonna change my background with hearts on it!!!! Gonnna be seeing lots of hearts aren't i?Anyway guys i need some advice  from somebody about something important, probably something for the ages of 11&12 (or ubove) and for people who are in secondary school.Mail me if u want to kno what it is,and mail me if u can give me any advice on it!

PLL-Out x
Mood : Thinking
Random Question : Have you had the flu yet this winter?I have (Cough cough!)
Post No.96 - tell meh the day before when you think its my 101th post,and u will recieve somethings special from meh.Got meh glasses btw > Might send u guys a pic if yuh lucki

Ps- remember to use the love meter,You can try it out with your msp characters as well and msp Boyfriends and Girlfriends.

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