Saturday, 2 February 2013


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Hey Guys,
It is safer day on msp!! and what that is... is that its like a couple days or like a week just trying our best to stop cyber bullying on the internet for children and teenagers and young adults.The reason why they do this and why they do children and teenagers is cuz that they get affected the most cuz were around people at school and we have the most access to the internet , were perhaps people could chat to us through the internet.So i think its like safer days 10th anniversary cuz it happens around this time begging of february.(to be honest i didnt even kno it was it's 10th anniversary, i didn't hear of it last year.O_o.)So msp were doing a comp for this aswell,and i decided to do an art book.This ws actually my 2nd time doing an artbook comp and my 2nd time doing a comp on msp for something,cuz i kno that msp will never choose my one anyway out of everyone elses!!But i figured cuz this is something important, i cant ignore it,so i just had to make a artbook.Here it is :(click on pic to enlarge)

Unfortunately, no one has commented or loved which is a complete shame , cuz i spent like 45mins on it to get it perfect and the way it had to be.And to think aswell that no one has commented cuz they dont care enough about it!!in my mind i'm like very disappointed as hell.I didn't wanna write plz love or share or comment or anything like this cuz i wanted my artbook to be naturally loved by ppl.Dis has to be like the longest post eva!But its an important one so i hope u guys read it.

PLL-Out x
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  1. Nice artbook you should enter it in the contest.

  2. i did but i dont think anyone voted for me :(

  3. I don't think you have to vote. I think MSP actually judges all of them.