Saturday, 26 January 2013


Hey Guys,
Pretty simple here, NOT gonna waste my time going on and on cuz i am busy and i have the flu but..
Can anyone of u guys make me a blog banner?? I really need 1, i dont have time to make 1 and it can have anything on it, but just nice things on it.And i will change my background as well for it to match,but for now i think its time for a new theme for my blog!But guys dont worry if i dont pick ur banner now cuz i got a tab, where i put banner made for me by other people, so whenever i need a blog banner i will just pick from there.But plz someone make me a banner, when u have just mail me on msp or comment on here and i will put the banner displayed on my bloggeh!!

PLL-Out x
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  1. Replies
    1. Hey, so can u make one for me a banner, for the top of my blog plz.

  2. I will make one. BTE I made a new account $hort Curls. I will give you the new blog link soon.

    1. I meant btw

    2. hey can u make a rlly cool banner as well for the top of my blog plz thnx.

  3. hey it's Mistiix my new blog address is: It's like almost exactly like m other one.

  4. So do you want a header for this blog or your other one?

  5. Hi Prettyloveline. It's Mistiix or $hort Curls and I finished your other banner. View it by using this link:

  6. thnx so much, i am gonna put it on around feb 14 so it can be up around valentines

  7. im thinking of putting ur banner on here now cuz its nearly febs and then swappping this one back laterz