Wednesday, 23 January 2013

THE BLINKING with things to discuss

Hey Guys,
I see alot of you complaining about the blinking on the msp characters.Now for me, the blinking doesn't really annoy me cuz i don't even like to pay attention to it.And i don't think u guys should! To get ur mind of the blinking just do something fun! Many ppl are saying that they quit their character cuz of the blinking.Dont let that stop you from doing anything,Msp are just tryna make the characters more lively so it would be as if their real!!!Another thing which u guys are complaining about is the animations.How they are doing animations on everyone,So what if lvl's below us can do animations,they just joined!!! Give them a break for goodnessake lol <<(rhymes) They need to know there way around, and another way of helping lvl's below us, is not calling them : Level 0's,even though i am not one, i think that is pretty offensive, they have names!! Let 'em be used!And no calling there clothes : Starter clothes aswell, Alot of people still buy those kind of things Ya Know.

PLL-Out x
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