Saturday, 9 February 2013


Hey Guys,
I would like to say first ... Thnx sooo much for the 7000 viewers,I'm thinking: WOW u guys don't get out a lot.Lol,Only jokin.Ok So This is Pretty serious.I feel like somebody has been copying My blog.Yes.MY BLOG!! I Am not gonna say who it is and this person might not know.But if they do know or you think it's you,then plz stopp.I feel like everybody should have therr on thoughts,Therr on mind and be individuals and how can i be an individual if we have nearly the same ideas.So i'm thinking of making a banner during the holidays to say how important it is of having ur own idea and being who u are!Cuz for the past 3 weeks i have been watching this person , and i think i kno that there ripping OFF my blog.Its ok to have the same idea sometimes but not always,Show ur special and u have a unique talent by not copying ppl.I'm Hoping by the end of this week,that the person will change a few things on therr blog, if not then i will probably speak to them privately so they are aware.
Plz do NOT ask me who it is,I will not answer through the web cuz i dont want to embarrass the person.If u like to kno then plz be free to mail me or comment below saying : Is it me? and then give me ur name or msp so i can mail u saying yes or no.

PLL-Out x
Mood: Investigating..(i kno who it is.. plz dont do it)
Random Question: Do they eat turkeys in TURKEY??!
post 99. 101th post is comming near..


  1. My name on MSP is SUPERMODEL!!! u already know my real name coz i know u anyway and. Is it me??? Well it cnt be i dont have a blog lol!!! add me guys. PEACE OUT!!! ✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌ LOL!!! ☮☮☮☮ LOL!!! ☯☯☯☯ KK NOW IM REALLY OUT! ✌

    1. SUPERMODELL!!! Its not u.Anyway, i kno u irl and u dont even have a blog lol x

    2. Soz guys i kinda blocked out her blog on website so u hav to go on google then type prettyloveline den de first 1 dat comes thats her blog. It got blocked by my blog coz i made u a banner den boom!!!it got blocked. So take my instructions... BTW ill show u the banner wen u come to my house it really nice... Orrr... i can send it to u usin my blog account orrr... i can send it to u using gmail account orrrrr.... i can send it to u usin google+ which i have if u dont then tough luck

  2. I do have a blog!

  3. k just message me ur blog url and please do not copy from my blog btw if u are hoping to do dat and plz do not block my blog cuz i didnt do anything and ur blocking it for not reason, if my blog gets blocked again then i am reporting ur blog.