Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Special Post Prize??

Hey Guys,
u may have not or u may not but u may have noticed that i have written this statement at the end of nearly all my post : 97 post,watch out for my 101th post.Dis is becuz it is nearly coming to my 101th post,Yipeee, U guys are probably thinking : WOW WHAT TOOK U SOO LONG... and yeh i guess it is kinda long cuz even people who i had blogs before are on their 100th post,its cuz i only post like every 3 days so thats y.And u guys are also probably thinkin: Y ya choose 101th post it should be 100th.Yeh and thats cuz i didnt wanna copy any one else and i wanted this to b original so i choose 101th post cuz i am odd ok,i am an ODD NUMBER OK!!! So Yh just watch out cuz i'm doing a count down untill it's my 101th post and if u see a post that say 101th post at the end then i want u to tell me cuz, i'm looking for the first one to tell me ,through message through msp or a comment on that post,and u will recieve a special prize.Thats y i have been writting the post number at the end of some of my posts so when it is the right one:(101th post) then u can just comment ; hey its ur 101th post and go to me to claim ur prize . The reason y i am asking u guys to do dis is cuz i wanna see if u r actually gonna be watching the end of each post.So Remeber Loook of for my 101th post and u may recievee a special prize ( prize should b unknown, to find what the prize is u have to watch out for...ThE 101TH pOsT.....)!!

PLL-Out x
Moood: Excited
Random Question : Should i get rid of my pet?
98th post.Watch out for my 101th post and u may receive a special prize!!

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