Monday, 11 February 2013

What's On?!

Hey Guys,
I am still on the look and keeping an eye on the person who is copying MY BLOGEEH!!! But i would like to say that: I'm getting A NEW phone tomorrow YAAAYYY!!! Not gonna tell ya what phone it is though,Gonna have to check on my status update on msp if u want.But its not a BB for sure.To b honest, i didn't actually want a bb. Ima weird person but whenever somebody has something then i dont wanna get it,Like i sed,Im an individual!!Ok So now to business, Valentines day is sooon, so u guys remember to use the love meter as often as u can now so send auto and gitfs to ur perfect valentine match.Hey it was Chinese new year yesterday i think!lol. Anyway half term so,1 week off (YAY)but it's sooo small,y cant we get longer,i am hoping to have my friend over to my house for a project thats due and we need more Timeexx. Oh yh and guys, Only 1 more post left until it's my 101th post,Jst a little reminder,So remeber to comment on the 101th post and u will get something special from meh!Plus,Its is almost my blog aniversary, in March 11th cuz that was when i had me 1st eva blog post in 2012.Poor MissM, We all need to try our best to help MissM,She has been lvl 22 for ages and people are passing her.Alot of peeps are now lvl 25.MissM is a very special cool person to me!But unfortantely i couldn't get her to b my friend x Thats all thats been going on it my life guys,comment what has been going on it URS! x

PLL-Out x
Mood: Excited/Bored
Random question: Are they selling Valentine badges in ur skl?(Pss..They r in Mine)

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