Sunday, 17 February 2013

Half Term Activities XD

Hey Guys,
Its Half term one week off,i'm going bowling this Tuesday.. I wonder whos gonna win#1?Anyway, What are u guys up to,Well, i am gonna make a banner if i can for my blog, and i am gonna do some redecorating for my blog and i am going to tons of places for my one week holiday. Cuz i like holidays so much, i like to spend each one wisely!!So mail me in for what ur gonna do for u one week holiday and how u spend urs wisely.Here a few idea to start u off:
1)Go bowling
2)Go ice skating
3)Go paint balling
4) go to a delicious chocolate factory(<< that's were my cousins went on Saturday,Things went super great for them)
5)Go to the park
6)Have snow ball fights if it snows
7) draw
9)Go partying
10)Spend time with my pets
11)Go shopping
12)Sleep in...ZZZZZZz\zzz

More post on its way cuz of the holidaiii...
PLL-Out x
Random Question: did u receive any cards on valentines day?
My msp goal: To Commet on as many forums as i can.

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