Wednesday, 20 February 2013

The person wiv ,Different IDEAS

Hey Guys,
I have finally talked to the person who i thought was using a few of my "IDEAS" of my blog.I am not gonna tell u guys who it was though because this person,Who was actually my friend,has now changed,and we have come to the conclusion of things now.I have seen her blog and she very kindly changed it alot,as it look very similar to mine b4. This person is a very good person because they actually had the courage and the guts to admit what they did and change themselves and their blog which shows that they are a bigger and better person than b4.This person know who they are because they message me saying: is it me? And i said yes to them.We have talked together and we have sorted things out.I have continued to be this person's friend because of what they did and how they reacted to it.
Also I have made a new blog banner finally!!Thank you all those who made me a blog banner b4,I have tried each and everyone's blog banner and they look FAB!I will put them back on my blog again next time,as i am always swapping then around.This Blog banner,i have made for everyone,and not just the person who copied my blog to see.It's for everyone out therr,saying: to use ur own ideas,Be independent person and an individual,Have ur own style becuz were DIFFERENT,and people WILL like your ideas!Thats just a little bit of advice from me,for any of those who are thinking of taking someone idea.I very much like this blog banner becuz it's different and it reminds people that, people WILL love ur idea's when it is DIFFERENT!Anyway it's a new year being 2013,soo there is still time to changee!

PLL-Out x
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