Friday, 15 February 2013

I Give UP/Guess the post!

Hey Guys,
I hope u had a happy valentines day,and u received lots of cards.Its Half term now got one week off,and and extra day for me on Tuesday cuz i got inset day,Yayy.The thing about this post is : COPYING! i absolutely find the amount of copying going around is discusting! I try not to say this to much or to make the copyright sign not to big,but i just cant stand it.There was a time when i never used to use the copyright sign,But now i just got to.I Have to.It show that i have a right for u guys not to copy anything of me.So far the copy cat for my blog, i am still keeping an eye on her,Yes HER! cuz each week i will b keeping an eye on her and trying to give her hints,but defiantly by the end of next week, i will be talking to her and letting her know how i feel confidentially.This week i noticed ANOTHER COPYCAT MAKER and who even name their blog after me and even made their blog url this :,PSSS....MY BLOG IS: don't worry about the 2nd copycat tho cuz i kno the person irl and things have been delt with!I would just like to say though: It's MY STYLE and it's My indivuality.I have my own idea that dont need to be copied.

PPL-Out x
Mood: Freakin Mad'
Random Question: Do u think u could do with a ma-sarge right now x i do!
Post....Guesss the post!!!Hint # Hint