Friday, 24 May 2013

Drawing comp RESULTS....

Hey Guys,
Sorry i haven't been commenting, i just thought i'd give u guys sometime for my drawing competition! I am really upset that nobody else just came up and drew my movie star and showed it to me, it seemed i had to ask around alot, which got tiring and felt like begging.So i managed to convinced Crytal Snow to draw one for me some time ago and i admire her for giving ago and taking part.Others said that they didnt want to enter becuz there drawing is : Not great , busy, dont know how to send it, dont kno how to show it to me , or plain old LAZY blah blah blah! I rlly tried wiv dis event, i wanted to see if i could do this every few months or so....I tested it out and no. NOWAY! I even put up the prize my adding 15or16 autos, ur drawing gets to be shown on my blog for 1 month and if u participate u get 1 auto! All this.. are the things that help you lvl UP!Congrats to : CRYSTAL SNOW, in least she tried and drew the drawing, i spent alot of effort organizing and making forums,she made all this worth while! Enjoy ur 15 autos!!!!!U deserve it!!!!

PLL-Out x
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