Monday, 3 June 2013

03/06/13 - - - Update

Hey Guys,
Sorry i have not posted in a while, i am gonna post again tomro, I am nearly done with giving Crystal-snow all her autos from winning dat comp last month.And at the mo on MSP i am rlly liking the fame magazine as when someone rates a movie or loves ur looks then it all adds up in the fame magazine and then when u feel like it, then u can just click 'claim' and earn your fame.I think dis is a better way becuz u dont acutally kno if msp has given u the fame that u need from wat u've been doing, and lately theres been alot of glitches so i think dis is a good way to see how much fame ur earning! Also i have recently made an artbook called Coulors! I am rlly in to da Colour theme now cuz it's been sunny in summer time Fianlly! So plz look at that as it is a very funny ,difficult, clever, tongue twister!! Recently i have been saving up money on msp, so plz dont nagg me for money at the mo, cuz u kno i dont go on msp as much as i used to now and i feel i havent gotten something new for ages. I have 600sc So i am hoping u guys will : STAY STRONG, AND KEEP THE PEACE!

More update soon to come...
PPL-Out x
Mood: Rushing- Been late for skl couple of times!!!!!
Random Question - Do you use hair spray?

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