Thursday, 9 May 2013

Entries for Drawing comp

Hey Guys, This is my entry like i said, for the drawing competition that i did. This is what i draw of my MSP character prettyloveline , I didn't draw it like it, but it should b similar  cuz i put the same hair and the same blue crop top that she is wearing right now. So i hope this answers most people's question's about what style of drawing u can do. Personally , this isn't my best drawing because i was just trying it out, but plz take your time.When other entries come then i will put them on this post. Remember to look at my last post for detail on the drawing comp.

By Prettyloveline On MSP!

By Crystal Snow

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  1. id feel like doin it no more: 1. im a bad drawer. 2. id have de time. 3. im not bothered :D