Monday, 6 May 2013

Drawing competition...

Hey Guys,
I have decided that around this time, around the begging of the new month, i am gonna have a drawing competition. So the drawing competition for this month is : u have to draw my msp character... u can draw it by hand on paper or on the computer using Ms Paint. I am gonna try and join in too!
Rules 2 draw my msp character:

  • To find out what my msp character looks like, go on Msp and type in: prettyloveline , click on the level 6 prettyloveline and u now kno what my character looks like. 
  • You can draw the head of my moviestar or the whole body
  • It doesn't have to be colored if u don't want to.
  • If u drew the moviestar on paper, then take a picture of it by camera and get your camera USB cable to connect it to a computer or laptop to upload to ur computer and send to my blog email(This also works if u took a picture of ur drawing on ur phone). If u used a webcam to take a picture of ur drawing then its already on the computer and u can send it to me. If picture is done by Ms paint or on the computer, then send that to me. Remember to put ur username on it
  • My blog email is : , send me ur drawing through dat email and i will check it.
  • If u still dont kno how to send it, put it on ur blog if u have one and message me on msp with ur name and blog website on, or copy and paste it to me by putting it on a comment on a post.
  • U have 1 and 1/2 weeks , competition starts 06/may/2013 and ends 16/may/2013.
Prize : 15 autos and drawing gets to b on my blog for month - 1st place
8 autos - 2nd place
PLL-Out x
Mood : gd luck
Any questions message me on msp or comment on Q+S blog!


  1. Can we draw you in an anime, chibi or cartoonish way?

    1. it doesnt matter which way you draw it, as long as it looks nice and u can tell its my MSP character prettyloveline