Saturday, 8 June 2013

All msp's

Hey Guys,
Fantastic weekend for me, I am continuing to save and earn more and more star coins....And i have been watching Britain got talent and i am watching the final now!Errr.... at the mo i am doing a buy one , get one free wiv my stuff so look at my artbook for dat!Hey soo my main post is about.... y cant we search for people on different msps!!! I mean i am currently on English msp cuz most of my friends on msp are on there! But we should be able to search for friends not just on English msp but on different ones like : American, Irish, French,Turkish...and so on!And then if we feel like going to there msp we can but we can!But we can only go a certain limit in there msp and if we wanna go in it properly then we have to go on our account for it.Anyway..thats just how i feel!
PLL-Out x
Mood: Laughing about a girl who was throwing eggs at the judges at Britain's got talent
Random question: Do u like eggs?

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