Tuesday, 11 June 2013


Hey Guys,
Before i say anything else, i would like to say thank you and congrats to me for making my blog(or should i say , 'your' blog) for allowing it to have 10,000 viewers! I am soo happy.Ok so first of all, i would like to say dat, do u think msp prices for clothing are hitting the roof.Meaning: they r being too expensive now. Just today i was lookin at a top and perhaps thinking of buying it,Even when i saved up for like 600 and something starcoins, if i was to buy something like 450sc or 400 or even 500, it would leave me with something 100...or even something 200sc.i Rlly like the idea tho of the fame magazine like i have mentioned b4 cuz dat is helping.But not too keen on dis stuff,no wonder y me mum is stressing! Lol! I also hate the fact dat in da design studio,for making clothes , u have to buy ur outfit before others can buy it~!which can totally waste ur time by da way.So lately i am just doing deals on msp for my clothing.Who ever wants my clothing can have it but have to give me something in return dat i like!Try dis way guys!!!! It's cheaper,better and saves time. It's the :



Or even better, if u kno somebody dat wants something then ask one of ur friends for it, and given it to the person who rlly wants it and then give wat the person gave u something else in return of there liking.GeT It? Lol
PLL-Out x
Random Question : Who understood that last sentance?^

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