Sunday, 16 June 2013

Experiment RaNdOm

Hey Guys,
dis is quite a weird post cuz recently i have been in the chatrooms saying randomly to people : I dont like your hair. And i am normally not rude to ppl and never do stuff like that at just RANDOM! But i was seeing peoples reaction to dat. And to see what they would say back to me.Now straight after i said dat then i said : Only joking, Ur hair looks awesome, and then i explained to them dat i am doing an experiment to see ppls reaction to dat question. So i took a picture of the time i said to ppl : i dont like ur hair, and this is wat they said back to me :     (Click to make picture bigger)

This shows how ppl on msp can react to something small like this.The users dat said kk, it means dat they do not want toget into an argument but just ignore the person.However so users started to do the crying animation and a sad face emotion cuz they were upset.They should of stayed strong and ignore wat had happen.Others were like :Mine? As if who is she talking to and is my hair rlly dat bad.So these are all my results and they show how some ppl can start hacking others just for something little like dis!
PLL-Out x
Random Question: Do u wear colours dat u dont like?

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