Saturday, 29 June 2013

Reminder Of UR blog! :P

Hey Guys,
sorry about my late posting, i kno i havent posted anything for a long while! Kinda forget lol! it is nearly the big summer holidays which i love cuz i can just stay home and sleep! Now ive put some music at the top of the blog and there are ten songs in that playlist and u can basically just start jammin' and listen to some music to enjoy ur time at my blog. plz guys if u could comment on my question and suggestion box dat would b great. Comment about wat stuff u like on my blog or miss and would countine to keep the same. Comment about what stuff could b done differently on my blog.Comment about the new playlist of songs on my blog! ARE THEY GOOD?, what is ur favorite choice of music ( Plz comment) and i will be doing a poll on my blog so dat we can discuss ur favorite choice of music. All these times i say MY BLOG, but rlly it truely is URS cuz i want u to enjoy it as much as possible! If i put ONLY the things i like then wats the point of having a blog. I do all these poll down the bottom of my blog to kno whats going on in ur mind and wat intrests u now so i can maybe discuss about it on the blog! Also plz plzzz mail me on my blog email : Got something important to say or wanna show me an artbook or something?? Write to me? I dont even need to kno ur name, u could make up another account if u like. Dont let my blog email go to waste.Ok now guys i am thinking of uploading a video on Youtube of myself! Now notice dat all these times i have been on my blog i havent told u my name(not going to!) But i am going to upload a video of myself on Youtube on my phone(Cuz personally i think uploading on ur phone is faster and easier) Soo if u wanna c me then i guess u just gotta watch out for vids! Or might put pics of some Moviestars, Never kno so u better look good.

PLL-Out x
Mood: Going to some kind of celebration, dinner evening 2day
Random Question : What time of music do u like?

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