Sunday, 7 July 2013

Announcement/blog review

Hey Guys,
Sorry about the late posting! I kno i always say dat but trust me, I am truly sorry!
So i just want to remind u of something ( I have been doing alot of reminding lately) So dont forget u guys to comment below on my blog review tab if u want me to review ur blog! Dont b scared , i will not say any rude comments or bad ones about ur blog, but i will say good, well thought-out comments with a few tips for improvement.So guys plz dont feel ashamed or scared to have a review of ur blog cuz it should b a good thing to hear all the lovely, good things about it! But if u do ask me to do a blog review of ur blog and u get good comments but also comment to help u improve and u get offended in a way then please tell me in confidential ( message me on msp or my blog email) what part it was dat offended u so i can either change it or delete ur whole blog review! But plz do not start being rude to me or think of pay-back because i have : A RIGHT TO SAY WHAT I WANT AND FEEL ON MY BLOG..(..AS I OWN IT!) and i am usually very considerate. So just COM' ON guys and be a bigger person and tell me already if i have offended u! At the moment my blog reviews of other blog are going great so this post was just some information to keep in mind.

PLL-Out x
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Random Question : Have u eva wondered why i havent got a tab for a blog review of my own blog?
Because that what my Question + Suggestion blog is for..! Give me a suggestion about wat to improve about my blog.

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