Saturday, 27 July 2013

21 Facts about me

Hey guys,
This is my 2nd post of da day. Plz look at my post before this about recycling and about the theme of my blog. So i have just remember that i have had my blog for a long time since March 2012, and i first started blogging on the 11th of March. But i have realised that all this time ive been on my blog u haven't know much about me so i'm going to tell u them now.

1) I am not a morning person, If u come to my house and tell me something in the morning, i will b HALF ASLEEP.
2) Sometimes i like sleeping late even though my original bed time is 9:30 on school days.
3)My favorite color is Red, yellow,pink,green,purple and blue BUT NOT orange!
4) I don't wear colors that i don't like such as Orange!
5)I hate snails,Bee's, wasp's, snakes, spiders,misquotes and any insect dat can kill me.
6) i am very open-minded and i am willing to try anthing!
7) I cant eat sushi or raw stuff cuz i will become sick
8)I hate hospitals
9) I love Chinese food,Turkish food, indian food.( I like food from different cultures)
10) I can sometimes worry alot and i am OBSESSED WITH PENCIL CASES!!!!! i love 'em
11) I am very organised with my skl stuff
12) I am very forgetful
13) I am very funny and like making people smile and laugh for the write reasons
14) I love doing impersonations of people and i love Any holiday i get along as i am away from skl
15)I love the weekends,I like icepoles, and all chocolates except from dark and minty kind ,Yuck!
16)) I'm at 12 year old girl nearly 13 dats sleeps with a lamp and my teddy
17)I hate being sick and the sound of someone who is sick
18)I want to be a tailor when i'm older and open my own shop / I hate maths
19) I love going out-door/i'm a great drawer lvl 5c and im in yr7
20) whenever something is weird or something is awarkward then my catchphrase is : Oka...iii
21) If everyone has the same phone i want something different (example : Blackberry, Iphone)

They u have 21 facts about me ! Speaking of me i have a new picture in the Mwah tab!If u want me to kno something about u then write down 3 facts about u in the comments bit.
PLL-Out x
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  1. An extra fact is : i'm 5'1 1/2 (Average height)and i sing

  2. I'm on American MSP. And I'm A few inches taller than u. My username on American MSP is taylorswift2325

    1. Cool, i am probably taller now cuz now i'm in yr 8 and i am the 3rd tallest girl in my class.I used to be on american MSP