Saturday, 27 July 2013

Recycle - Plastic/msp

Hey Guys,
ur probably wondering " y the green recycling theme, Prettylove? ." Well i am glad dat u asked! Well becuz
it's summer (Nahh , its winter!!) alot of u are gonna b thirsty becuz of the hot weather make us thirsty.So alot of us are gonna b drinking out of water bottles, and wat are bottles made out of "PLASTIC" and what can u do with plastic? RECYCLE!! So i am encouraging people on my blog to recycle their bottles but not just dat!! other stuff..but mainly i want u guys to try and recycle the plastic bottles that u use. Do dat for inleast about 2 weeks ( Or more if u like)  and see how many bottles u recycle! But there's a twist....only recycle bottles that only U drank out of.Must b loads cuz its getter hotter nowers days.Or have a water drinking contenst with ur friend and recycle all the bottles that U use.
Or if u dont feel like helping the environment or helping OUR planet then y not try and help moviestarplanet. Recycle all ur old stuff or give away ur stuff.And start wearing a green top to show u care about moviestarplanet.

PLL-Out x
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