Saturday, 27 July 2013

##Hash-tagg nonsense##

Hey guys,
ive just realised that when u type something in msp then if u say something bad they dont give u a warn and make u not type anything for 5 mins but instead they hash-tagg it like this ##.I rlly think this is a bad idea, i would rather not type anything for 5 mins that get hash-tagged on the word cuz when i wrote the word camera on blog status the has-tagged it, well actually they hash tagged half of it cuz they hash-tagged ra and not came, which was weird. And ra isnt even offensive or mean or RUDE! infact it's not even a word??!! Their begging to coppy the american msp cuz when i went on the american msp last yr 2012 then most of wat ppl said were hash-tagged, and now 2013 they've decided to do dat! I never thought that THIS msp, the UK one, would do this to us as well!Luckily i have found away to avoid the anoying hash-taggs by putting a space between every letter for example : C a m e r a. Dahh Dahhh! I think it is a cool way or writing which hardly kno one does and can b addictive once u start and very tempting!So i'm hoping dat it will b come more common to use on msp rather dan mostly wat lvl 5's and over use by putting a capital letter in front of each word like dis : Hi My Name Is Prettyloveline.Anywayz trys find ur own way to avoid the hashtagg nonsense.

PLL-Out x
Mood: Upset!!!!!!!!!!-Camera business
Random Question : Do both of ur parents work?


  1. I'm on level five, but I don't type Like This. Usually most of the moviestars do something like this: hey all u ppl wats up in da house? Or something like that, called text talk. I just type normally, with a usual typo here and there (:

    ❤, Jelly

    1. kk i werent saying that everyone does but there just some things dat i notice alot in msp