Saturday, 13 July 2013

Jazz up your moviestar even when being lvl 0...

Hey Guys,
So this post is dedicated to the people who r thinking of joining Moviestarplanet!  These r idea's of how to look cool even when just joining Moviestarplanet as lvl 0.I REPEAT :dis is how to look cool when being lvl 0.And NOT how to look a highler lvl!( Cuz i believe dat everyone has there on sense of style).When starting of on msp , they give u some clothes to start of with, and then later in the game u can earn money to buy more clothes! Here are some idea of how to look cool when wearing those clothes and starting of as a lvl 0 or lvl 1 (For Girls) 1) Casual style , 2) Gothic 3)Girly 4)Boyish. ............(For Boys) 1) Casual, 2)Smart/Gothic 3)summer 4)Hot/Baggy.
So just because u have just started msp and msp have given u the clothes doesnt mean that u cant jazz them up abit!.These are all the clothes msp give u when ur starting msp, so i am just showing u  cool styles to wear them! Then later when u reach about lvl 2 or 3 start saving money to buy ur own clothes .Sign up for msp today!
PLL-Out x
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