Thursday, 25 July 2013

Summer clothing 4 U

Hey Guys,
I am super sorry that i took that long to write a post. I literally just finished school yesterday and am on my summer holiday! Luckily i am not going anywhere this summer since i already went on holiday on half term to Turkey! So i can write lots of post to make it up to you. I have had so many things on my mind. I am going to change my blog banner and my blog colors! And i have been trying to look for vans to wear for school when i come back in September since i  before i wore the OSM famous Kickers.

It is really hard work cuz i'm 12 ( Turning 13 in November) and i am not tall nor small! i'm 5'1 1/2 and i have big feet for me height cuz i am size 6 and 7 ( Depending on the make). So it is hard to find a reasonable price.
 So i rlly like the new background theme of moviestarplanet. It's all summery due to the hot wheather and Duh!! It summer.So i would say that the popular hottest clothing wear for this season, summer are the following : 0000OOOOoooops!!! Due to my slow computer i am unable to tell you the popular clothes that movie stars are wearing for this summer. Lol sorry. So i will just tell u so when u have the time u can shop for them on msp. Shorts, Bikini, summer dresses, crop tops - the one that shows your belly, Geo skirts,flip-flops and sandels. Also, it seems to me that i am not seeing most people with there pets on MsP!! STRANGE! So enjoy the hot weather guys and have fun if u go on Holiday.
PLL-Out x
Mood : Sorry for the laptop malfunction
Random question : How come some people started there holiday last Friday and i'm only starting today??

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