Thursday, 29 August 2013

My closet friends on blog banner

Hey Guys,
I would just like 2 say dat dis is my first time dat i've put friends on my banner and  would like 2 say becuz i just felt this ppl have helped me soo much on msp and help solve my problems and most of them r bloggers aswell and i derr always supporting my blog.DA POINT IS: They've rlly helped..So nxt post i'm gonna give a big shout out 2 dem and mention all the names from my blog banner on my blog.Btw soz if ur not on derr.Derr r still ways 2 b on my blog banner.For example if my doing a certain theme and i need a type of clothing dat only u have den its more likey u b on my banner. Or just ask? But these ppl r very special 2 me soo far?R u special enough 2 b on banner?

PLL-Out x
Mood: I did not understand a word i typed
Random Question : Is ur fridge running?Lol

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